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  • Custom Registrations
  • Online Payments
  • Streamlined Communications​
  • Smart Rosters
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Custom Website

Let’s Eliminate Your Club Management Headaches!

Custom Registrations

Collect the correct member info for accurate program enrollment

Efficient Registration

Create custom registration, messages, payment plans, liability waivers, and much more in minutes.  Utilize role specific registrations for teams, board members, and volunteers to capture specific information.  Allow returning players to breeze through registration with ease.

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Smart Rosters

Whether by draft or assignment, get the right players on the right teams

Accurate Team Assignments

Pre-sort registrants for a straightforward roster assignment. Quickly run a draft to create rosters or automatically assign players by specific criteria. Incredible flexibility to decide who creates squads. Keep teams up to date with team info with auto email and group text distribution.

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Online Payments

Enable immediate collection or establish automatic payment plans to eliminate cash collection headaches

Eliminate Payment Headaches

Integrate online payments with your custom registrations so you can collect up front or establish flexible payment plans. Have the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, and banks transfers.  Full or partial refunds are easily processed at the press of a button.

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Flexible Scheduling

Organize team practices, games, and tournaments across all your field, court, or facility resources

Targeted Schedule Notifications

Quickly tailor event notifications for the right audience.  Establish master schedules for the organization and team level schedules for practice, game and tournaments.  Members can tailor smart notifications to individual preferences keeping everyone well informed.

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Streamlined Communications

Broadcast important info to the right audience via their preferred method (site, email and/or text)

Real-Time Information Flow

Get the right info to the right people, and only the right people, without spamming the rest of the organization. Put your customer in control of how they receive messages.  Help empower everyone in your organization to communicate effectively.

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Custom Website

Update your organization’s website with fresh content with our easy to use tools

User-Friendly Website Creation

Customize your website with no webmaster needed.  Easily add smart announcements with a predetermined expiration date, swap images and content keeping your site up-to-date with a few clicks. Create a professional website compatible on all devices. 

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Feeling bogged down? We can change that with EASY TO USE sports team management software.

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Why SquadFusion?

  • Responsive

    Customer Service

  • Easy

    To Use

  • Comprehensive,

    One-Stop-Shop Solution

  • Powerful

SquadFusion has an unparalleled reputation in the Sports Management software industry for being responsive.  Our easy to use tools help us get clients up and running in days, not weeks.  Calls into Customer Service are resolved in hours, not days or weeks.  Organizations on extremely tight deadlines count on SquadFusion to get them up and running fast, and to keep them up and running.  Please read some of our great customer testimonials to learn how responsive SquadFusion’s Customer Service was for their organization.

SquadFusion was built with non-technical administrators in mind.  You don’t need to be a computer engineer to take advantage of our Sports Management software and the flexible configuration capabilities that are available.  The system architecture utilizes a series of menu systems that allow you to easily create custom registration forms, configure flexible payment plans, create and manage multiple resource (field, court) calendars as well as the master calendar for the organization, and create and send organization wide or just team wide communications.  Computer programming knowledge NOT required.

SquadFusion’s Sports Management software has integrated all of the major functional categories to help you manage and administer your organization’s programs.  Major subsystems include Custom Registrations, Smart Rosters to build Teams and Divisions, Online Payments, Resource Scheduling (fields, courts, etc.), top level Organizational and multiple Team level Calendars, Communications platform covering email and text, custom website development and management tools, and powerful reporting.  Everything you need to manage your Sports Club or League.  

SquadFusion’s Sports Management software includes powerful tools that allow you quickly and easily develop reports on your Participants, Registrations, Payments, and Events.  Would you like to know how many left-handed 11-year olds registered in the last three days?  No sweat.  SquadFusion reporting covers our standard data fields as well as any of your custom added fields.  You can easily filter information to drill down to the exact data you want.  You can save frequently used filters and reports to save time for future reporting needs.  SquadFusion allows you to create different templates and export to Microsoft Excel for even greater analysis and powerful charting capabilities.  All of these powerful tools are easy to use and don’t require you to be a reporting expert to generate important information.

Let SquadFusion show you how easy it is to eliminate your club management software headaches!