Customer Spotlight

In this customer spotlight, we want to showcase David Cragg! David is the tireless commissioner of his local Bocce Ball league. Bocce ball is a sport of skill and strategy, not to mention a fun way to meet people! Effectively running sports leagues isn’t easy, and in some cases, can become like a full-time job. Squadfusion helps David scheduling games, organizing teams, and maintaining communication amongst all involved.

Ken, David, and John

Transitioning to Squadfusion

Before using Squadfusion, the commissioner needed to manually schedule and reschedule games. This process was hard since all the organization, scheduling, and record keeping was done on paper! The commissioners was constantly called on to reschedule games (one-third of all games were rescheduled). When one commissioner retired, it was hard to find a replacement because of the work required. Knowing that the current commissioner was retiring, David started to research ways to reduce the burden of the job. Experienced in using software to manage business, David researched the top 10 available sports league management software. He found SquadFusion the clear leader. David then worked with us to address the requirements of his club. He made suggestions and talked through new features. David’s case is a great look at running sports leagues!

The bocce club has over 100 members during the winter and summer seasons. The summer season splits the players into 4 divisions of 12 teams each. These teams play over a 4-month long summer season starting in the 1st week of May. The top 2 teams in each of the divisions make it to a 3-week playoff, and a champion is crowned.

David began to use Squadfusion in October 2018. He transitioned the bocce club a week before the winter season began. There was great resistance from some club members as they were all retired (over 65 years old). Many were anxious about computers. David provided the club members an orientation to Squadfusion before the season began. After the season, a banquet was held when everyone was questioned about their experience with Squadfusion. The feedback was wildly positive!

Bocce Ball Champions!
Congratulations to the Winners!

What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce ball is a sport played between two players, or between two teams of two. There are two sets of four bigger balls and one polina. The game starts by one team tossing the small polina. The same player then throws a larger ball and tries to get as close as possible to the polina. Various strategies are deployed to get more of your teams balls as close to the polina as possible. This includes hitting the polina to move it, and hitting the balls of the other team. The team with the closest balls to the polina scores the points.

Effectively running sports leagues to focus on the game!

Some Advice on Running Sports Leagues

David kindly shared his perspectives on running sports leagues with me. What worked for him was his preparation. David spent time identifying goals and desires for what he wanted. David’s hard work to remove the burden of player management has allowed for the focus to be on bocce!

Running sports leagues requires a lot of work and dedication. The burden on the administrator can be eased. Apart from logistics, managing people and working with people can be difficult. In the words of David: “Identify your potential problems based on prior seasons and develop solutions before the next season. Having answers to issues minimize stress.”  We wanted to thank David and all of our customers for their support!