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A sports team management app to organize your day to day operations

Squadfusion is a sports team management app that solves many of the issues that coaches, directors and club administration staff face every day. Because running a sports club doesn’t end with holding practices and participating in competition – it also includes registering new members, collecting membership payment, scheduling practices, picking teams and keeping your members informed. A sports team management app like SquadFusion eliminates all the hassle related to those tasks and makes them easier than ever. Using SquadFusion, you can easily set up and manage your organization’s website to keep all of your members informed, as well as automate many day to day operations, for example, create custom registration forms, conveniently schedule practices and events and automatically collect membership payments. Visit our features page to see all the tools that SquadFusion sports team management app can provide!

Use it for any sport

Even though the training methodology and the activities themselves can differ between various kinds of sports, the day to day tasks necessary for operating a sports club are mostly the same in all of them. That’s why SquadFusion can be used for clubs and teams in virtually any sport. In fact, it was designed with this in mind. At the moment, our sports team management app is used by customers across many sports – from team sports, like basketball, soccer and volleyball to individual ones like golf, diving and even axe throwing. In addition to that, we also offer a variety of pricing plans that are suited for organizations of various sizes.


Squadfusion is a sports team management app that serves as a management and communication platform for teams and clubs across various sports. The app allows team managers and coaches to digitalize the team management process within a single platform to ease the everyday management tasks. The app is available on both desktop and mobile.

Squadfusion sports team management app is one of the leading digital transformation tools in the sports industry. The app allows team managers and coaches to organize the daily life of teams by scheduling practices and competitions as well as managing team communication and day-to-day operations.

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