Sports COMMUNICATIONS Management

Frustration skyrockets when members do not receive important information. SquadFusion gives you the right tools to send the right message to right group using the preferred format. Send customers targeted information and let them focus on what they want to….the game!


Smart Communications Distribution

Support for multiple formats

SquadFusion communication works through email, SMS/Text messages, and through your custom website.  Schedules and locations can change with little notice.  Empower your club’s leadership and coaches to deliver critical updates to your members in a timely fashion during those crazy, hectic times.

Automatic Distribution List Management

With powerful filtering capabilities, SquadFusion has the ability to generate all of your Distribution Lists – by Program, by Division, by Team.  Eliminate the need to manually add/update/delete contact information from multiple distribution lists.  Reduces errors and saves time for everyone in the organization.



Empower your customer

Smart reminders

SquadFusion allows you to set up smart reminders that are based on rules, like sending a reminder request to ONLY the folks who haven’t already submitted their RSVP.  Eliminate the frustration of members who receive notifications or reminders for an action that is irrelevant or has already been completed.

Online Profiles

Each member’s online profile will allow them keep their communication contact information current as well as indicating their preferred communication formats.  Letting them control how they receive information increases satisfaction and improves their attention to the message. 


One person can’t do it all

Sharing communications responsibilities

SquadFusion supports medium and large size organizations with several staff needing to communicate.  Empower Program Directors, Division Managers, and Coaches/Captains to communicate directly with their groups.  Delegating this responsability frees you to spend time on more important, pressing matters while still being able to keep tabs on group communications.

Team-based messaging platform

SquadFusion provides each team its own private mini-website with rosters, schedules, and their own chat/discussion board.  Whether discussing an upcoming game or tournament information, or planning a social event, the chat board is a preferred medium for lengthy multi-member discussions. 

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