Sports Facility and Service Scheduling

Scheduling appointments has never been easier than it is with SquadFusion’s Facility and Service Scheduling. Whether it is your field, court, ice rink, meeting room, or your trainers, our software will allow your members to easily book and reserve appointments, classes, or spaces while maximizing your space and profits. 

Fill Available Time Slots with Customers

Maximize Your Facility

Your facility is your biggest investment and with our facility scheduling software, we can help you maximize your profits and get more people into your building. 

Not only is it easier to get people into your facility, but it is also helping slow down the amount of no-shows. There is a 29% reduction in no-shows with online booking and automated reminders. No more sitting around waiting for people to show up!

All of your schedules in one place

No More Micro Managing Schedules

Taking appointments over the phone is a hassle. On your end, you have to manage the schedules of all of your available facilities and trainers or coaches, in addition to the potential customer trying to do the same with their schedule. This can leave you with longer phone calls that limit the number of people you can assist. 

With our facility scheduling software, your business can now accept reservations and payments at any time, including when you’re closed. This allows the potential customers to see a full availability of appointments and they can choose what works best for them, while allowing your staff to spend their time on other tasks.

Create Better Customer Experiences

67% of Consumers Prefer Booking Appointments Online

Online bookings are here to stay and implementing this feature will attract new customers to your business. In today’s age, it is more important than ever to meet your customers where they’re at and that is online.

Easily coordinating your facilities or lessons with online scheduling allows you to provide the complete and best experience for your clientele, while improving efficiency for your business. 

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