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How to Start a Sports Organization: Resources and Budget

Community Resources

Parks and recreation departments often have lists of local, state-wide, and national leagues for both youth and amateur sports.

If the information you need to make a proposal for your sports organization is not readily accessible, find the person you need to contact to create your own team by going to your municipality’s official website.


Depending on the size of your municipality, you may need to make a formal presentation to the parks department or ask to join the agenda for an upcoming borough council or recreation committee.


Important things to prepare before the meeting include what facilities and resources you need provided for your sports organization. You can either request a currently existing public field or the funds to build a new field. You should assemble a list of benefits and drawbacks for the people who live nearby.

If your local government rejects your proposal, there are several other channels to go through, such as employers, community centers, and religious groups. The two most important things are location and permission.


Alongside the funds your community sponsor brings, your team has an individual budget that revolves around practice, games, and administration. Expenses include but are not limited to:


This includes uniforms, padding, and practice materials like cones and tackling dummies. You should decide how much equipment will be supplied by the team and how much players need to purchase on their own.


Costs for umpires vary based on whether they are volunteers or paid professionals. Administrative duties include handling the payment details and contacting organizations that supply professional referees.


Depending on whether you request a currently existing field or the funds to create a new one, various costs in maintenance are involved. For grass fields, lawn mowing and snow shoveling are necessary. For ice rinks, a zamboni or two might be required. A list of facilities you can rent include churches, private and public schools, parks, and recreation centers. The costs will vary based on the demand and location.

It’s important to manage your sports organization efficiently from the very first day. Therefore we recommend finding the most suitable sports team management app for your organization.