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Open for business….

Technically, we’ve been open for a while here, but we have kept quiet about it. We wanted to limit the number of people we worked with while we ensured everything could run well. Our pre-release version allowed customers to enroll their members and collect payments.

Now, we have a lot more to offer, and our existing customers are eager to get their hands on it.
They have seen how easy it has been to set up registrations for different activities — taking only several minutes. Payments have been collected easily, and even refunded without problem.

We went to a tryout to help get everyone checked in and make sure it all ran smoothly. It was gratifying to hear parent after parent go through the check-in line and remark something like, “That’s it? Wow, that was easy!”


That was a few months ago. Since then, we have been building out some additional features for registrations, but also more of the application structure:

  • Program, division, and squad hierarchies
  • Scheduling
  • Squad-based communities
  • Announcements, FAQ, and other posts
  • Marketing, contact, staff, and other public information about your organization
  • Personalized terminology, security, and visibility so you can control who sees what, and how those things are referred to by your organization and your members
  • and much more 🙂

Of course, there’s more to come. (There’s always more to come…we’re compulsive software builders.) But we’re really excited about what’s there now. If you are frustrated by the lack of tools to manage your squads’ logistics and communication, we would love to help!

What do you think we should build next? Leave us some ideas in the comments or connect with us.