Online Payment Software

No more chasing payments or having awkward conversations about collecting money. With SquadFusion, you can enable immediate collection of registration fees or establish automatic payment plans during the sign-up process which helps resolve your cash flow headaches.  


Put payments on auto-pilot

Support for all the major formats

SquadFusion works with all the standard formats including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  We also offer support for Debit Cards and ACH/e-check bank transfers.  If your club prefers PayPal, we support that platform as well.

Flexibility when you need it

Sports Clubs occasionally need the ability to accept ad-hoc payments not associated with a registration.  Whether you’re accepting a donation, offering sponsorship packages, receiving a one-time payment or miscellaneous fees, SquadFusion’s Ad-Hoc payment solution solves that challenge.



Always current Balance Due information

Online Profiles

Each member’s online profile will prominently display outstanding payment balances due, as might exist with a multi-month payment plan.  Remind them what they owe and make it easy to pay-off any balance with the integrated Pay Now button.


SquadFusion supports flexible installment payment plans because we understand some programs, like elite travel, can be expensive.  Configure at registration and SquadFusion will manage the monthly recurring charges freeing you to focus on more important matters.  SquadFusion automatically retries failed payments and automatically sends requests to the member to update credit card information.


Get the reports you need

Powerful reporting

Extensive reporting around Payments, and associated Registrations and Participants.  Flexible filtering abilities allow you to drill down into specific details to provide important insights for managing cash flow.

Prep for next season

SquadFusion gives you the ability to export reports to Excel so that you can model growth and what-if scenarios for next quarter or next year.  Use the power of Excel to manipulate and format the data to print sharp looking reports.

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Upgrade your online payments management with SquadFusion

Online payment management is included with all SquadFusion plans.