Smaller Organizations
< 100 members
(paid yearly)
  • Unlimited Participant Profiles
  • Unlimited Registrations
  • Focus:
  • Monthly Notifications:
    2,500 email only*
  • Mobile App
  • Squad/Team Pages & Schedules
  • Custom Domain Website URL
  • Manage Facility Bookings/Rentals
  • LOW:
    Processing Fees* Credit Card only


Larger Organizations
>250 members
(paid yearly)
  • Unlimited Participant Profiles
  • Unlimited Registrations
  • Focus:
    All Star package
    Facility Bookings/Rentals

  • Monthly Notifications:
    12,000 emails & 3,000 texts*
  • Mobile App: Custom Branded
  • Squad/Team Pages & Schedules
  • Custom Domain Website URL
  • Manage Facility Bookings/Rentals
    Processing Fees* Credit Card or ACH/EFT

Hassle-free subscriptions...

with a 30-day money back guarantee. We are confident that your organization will immediately see the benefits of SquadFusion sports team management app. Can’t decide which package best fits your organization? Contact us for a consultation and free quote.

Additional notification costs when exceeding monthly allocation

*Rookie: $5 per 1,000 emails
*All Star: $2 per 1,000 emails , $15 per 1,000 texts
*MVP: $1 per 1,000 emails, $10 per 1,000 texts

Let SquadFusion show you how easy registration, reporting, roster and many other aspects of your organization can be simplified!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most customers chose to host their website through SquadFusion. We have a few customers that have invested in their own website prior to subscribing to SquadFusion and elected to keep those independent websites operating. In that scenario, SquadFusion integrates with the customer’s existing website to just manage Programs, Registrations, Online Payments, Scheduling, Communications, and Reporting.

Yes. SquadFusion’s website development tools allow you to build a clean and modern website without having to write any code. Our website development tool would be more similar to using Microsoft Word. That said, for those that know HTML, you have the option to toggle into code view to program more sophisticated functionality.

SquadFusion is known for its ease of use and one of the reasons why we score so highly with software review sites like Capterra and GetApp. SquadFusion’s systems is built upon a series of menus that guide you through set-up and management functions. Our goal is to make it simple for every organization to manage the website themselves in a self-service fashion. We can accomplish website improvements in minutes and hours where it takes our competitors days and weeks.

Yes. SquadFusion has a free mobile app that is available for both the Apple and Android platforms. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Yes. SquadFusion was designed to work across many different sports and we have customers across all of them.

Yes, that is an option. While a significant majority of our customers use one of our three partners (Stripe, PayPal, and Bambora), you are able to use your own third party merchant service to process your online credit card charges.

The entry level “Rookie” package costs $399/year; the mid-level “All Star” package costs $798.96/year, and the premier level “MVP” package costs $1,398.96/year. As you move up in subscription tier, additional sports team management features are provided. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

Yes, a subscriber can cancel at any time.

Subscribers can cancel at any time. A full, money-back guarantee is provided within the first 30 days.

For our mid-level “All Star” and premier level “MVP” subscribers, they can use their custom Domain name and URL.

No. Many of our sports club customers, including Presidents, Executive Directors, and Boards, manage their website and programs without having formal computer science education or being trained IT specialists.

Yes. SquadFusion offers a free 14-day trial that allows you to test configure the software to your organization’s needs before committing to purchase a subscription. Any configuration work completed during the trial moves seamlessly into your subscription website.

No. SquadFusion cloud-based software functionality is delivered from our servers managed by Amazon Web Services.

SquadFusion works for a variety of organizations – some of our smaller customers are just a team or two. Some of our largest customers are entire leagues with dozens of clubs, hundreds of teams, and several thousand players. Our application easily scales from small to very large.

Yes. SquadFusion’s Registrations system is flexible and can be used for multiple Participant types. While the predominant use is for registering youth athletes, many organizations also use the Registration solution to recruit coaches, umpires, referees, volunteers, and even Board of Director members.

SquadFusion has three payment processing partners that are tightly integrated with our software to help process online credit card charges – Stripe, PayPal, and Bambora.

Yes. Collecting fees up front is one of four options. A second option is to require some kind of deposit and to collect the outstanding balance later. A third option is to use a Payment Plan which is suitable for some expensive programs that allow the fees to be automatically paid over several months. A fourth option is a “subscription” payment model similar to a gym membership where the member pays a recurring monthly fee until they cancel their subscription.

Yes. SquadFusion manages and displays all practice, game, and events in a calendar. Administrators will manage all calendars from the Organization’s Master Scheduling system. The organization’s Master Calendar can be shared from the club’s website, whereas teams can view their specific individual schedules from their private team page and calendar.

Yes. SquadFusion provides a robust security layer that assigns roles and permissions to each account holder. Those roles and permissions are then tied to the website pages that are available for view and even down to the fields of data on a webpage that are able to be edited and/or viewed.

Yes. SquadFusion includes a powerful reporting system covering all your Participant, Registration, Payments, and Event information. Our system provides robust filtering capabilities so that you build report data matching your exact criteria. SquadFusion’s reporting system also includes export capabilities so that you can move your data into your favorite spreadsheet, like Microsoft Excel, for further analysis and publication.