Sports ROSTER Management

Form teams with SquadFusion’s “Smart Rosters”. With SquadFusion’s roster management software, you configure the roster generation methods that best match how your organization likes to work. 


Quickly and easily form teams

Tightly integrated with registrations

As participants successfully complete registrations, SquadFusion will pre-sort players into the right groups in preparation for team assignment.  You can easily move players between Divisions and ultimately to their team using our powerful Smart Rosters toolset.

Player distribution list management

With SquadFusion, you have up to date insights into player registrations across your Programs and Divisions, helping you better understand how many teams can be formed.  Utilize capacity constraints and waitlist functions to support your goals of forming the right number of teams for your organization.



Empower staff to form and communicate rosters

Authority at the right level

With SquadFusion, you have the ability to allow Program Directors to form teams within their Program.  Or to provide Division Administrators system rights to form teams within their Division.  Or to provide a Coach the ability to draft and place those players onto their team.  You can even allow players to pick their team.  Delegate authority to the appropriate levels to improve responsiveness.

Optimize timing of roster announcements

Minimize the stress and anxiety associated with the roster announcements for both your players, parents, and coaching staff.  Smart Rosters is tightly integrated with our Communications management system meaning all email and text message distribution lists are automatically generated.  No more manually managing distribution list as players move on and off teams.  When the time is right, quickly publish the official roster and automatically send notifications to members of that Squad.

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