SCHEDULING Management Software

SquadFusion brings flexible scheduling for events and manages court/field resources. Create a master schedule managing all of the court/field resources. Integrate scheduling and communications for all of your club’s team  events.  


Central and Distributed Control

Administration management

You determine who has the privileges to add and edit different type of events to the calendar to improve club responsiveness.  Limit game scheduling to central administrators and distribute authority to Coaches to book ad hoc practices and scrimmages.

Calendar Management

With SquadFusion, you have one set of calendars for each of your field or court resources, which is then integrated with each team’s calendar tracking practices, games, and tournaments.  Flexible publication capabilities allow you to share calendars publicly or restrict visibility to appropriate groups.



RSVP tracking system

Availability and participation

With SquadFusion, you have the ability to allow players and coaches to communicate their availability through our RSVP system.  Eliminate participation confusion by tracking availability for practices and games.  The RSVP system can also be used to track volunteer participation or other organization events.

Participation reporting 

Do you have players who positively RSVP to attend but then fail to show?With SquadFusion, we support your organization in collecting player intentions to attend and separately track actual attendance follow-through.


Integrated communications

Smart notifications

Members can tailor their notification preferences – how to receive notifications (email or text), how far in advance they want to receive notifications, and whether to repeat notifications.  Eliminate frustrations by automatically notifying members when there are changes to the schedule or event location.

Mapping integration

SquadFusion scheduling management software supports inclusion of location-based information about event addresses.  With one tap, you can launch a maps app on your smartphone to get directions to your event destination.

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