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Setting up a website, custom registration, and payment collection in under 10 minutes

We here at SquadFusion often talk about how easy and fast it is for our customers to manage their websites and all the membership administration we provide. We’re proud of the work we put into the application so our customers don’t have to put in the work.

There are many other offerings — in our space and elsewhere — which talk about how easy they make it to be a webmaster. We always thought that missed the point. We want to make it easy to not have to be a webmaster in the first place. You might reasonably think that’s splitting hairs. After all, by definition, if you are the person making updates to your website, you’re the webmaster, right?

While that’s true technically, we still think it’s an important distinction in our mindset. Everything we build starts from the idea of administrators getting in, getting out quickly, and focusing on delivering value to and growing their organizations.

Beyond that, we literally make it easy for our customer to not be webmasters. We do it for them. We call it a concierge service. You tell us what announcements to post, which registrations to create, squads to organize, etc. And we do it for you. Fast.

We have a few reasons for doing this:

  1. We like to help our customers!
    I worked for a CEO who used to say when he died, he wanted this on his headstone: “He gave great customer service.” That is a fantastic ideal to strive for, and we are.
  2. It keeps us honest
    If we want to offer a concierge service for no extra charge, we better have some pretty good tools in place to keep from getting overwhelmed. We use the same tools our customers do (sometimes called eating our own dog food).This has actually led to something else we think is pretty cool when our customers start making their own updates. When we ask them about it, they tell us it’s quicker to just make the updates than write an email to us describing what they want.
  3. It removes some hesitation for new customers
    We’ve spoken with some folks who essentially tell us they believe our claims are too good to be true. They’ve heard too many other times how easy it would be to use an application or create a website. So they take a pass and keep doing what they’ve been doing. They may not think it’s perfect, but they’ve sort of figured out how to make things work. And we get it. We’ve had the same experience.
    With our concierge offering, we don’t have to convince anyone how easy it is to use. Instead, we can tell them if they don’t believe us, just let us take care of it.

So, just how easy is it?

If you have 10 minutes, we’ll show you in this video.

If you’re considering:

  • Creating a new site
  • Upgrading from a generic website that doesn’t address all you and your members need
  • Moving from an application that’s too hard or whose company isn’t meeting your expectations

… then take 10 minutes, it will be a great investment of your time!

Or, if you’re in boat #3 — skeptical about how easy it is to set up when other solutions take weeks or even months — you don’t even need 10 minutes. Drag the video slider through or watch at double speed 🙂