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Simplify Sports League Registration

SquadFusion’s mission to build a powerful yet easy to use League/Club Sports Administration solution has two fundamental goals: simplify Sports League Registration, Payments, Website, and Communications, and reduce system administration time so that you can attend to other important activities like coaching teams or growing your business. Consistent with our mission, SquadFusion has worked with our customer community to develop significant features and functionality that simplify Sports League Registration processes consequently reducing your system administration time commitment. We are pleased to share information on a select subset that might help your organization.

Cloning” – SquadFusion supports the ability to “Clone” a past Registration to significantly simplify Sports League Registration set-up. By quickly Cloning a successful past Registration, setup time is reduced to making minor adjustments like fee changes, early-bird discount dates, etc.

Installment Payment Plan Flexibility
· Installments can be calculated on a percentage % basis in addition to the flat dollar amount calculation method.
· Additionally, Installment plans can be established by End Date, letting the system automatically calculate the number of payments and periodic payment amount.
· Lastly, the first Installment payment can be set to a future date, rather than immediately.
These Installment Payment Plan options can reduce time spent manually adjusting member payment plans, or managing communications with members negotiating their financial constraints.

Screenshot - Simplify Sports League Registration with easy Installment Payment Plans
Easy Installment Payment Plan setup

Register on Behalf of Member – Administrators need the ability to complete Registration on behalf of Members, whether over the phone, at a Service Kiosk/Window, or during onsite events. Administrators have the flexibility to complete that Registration ensuring Member satisfaction and confirming payment.

Appointments Directly Booked – For Coaches or Trainers needing to book personal sessions with their players, or book particular courts/fields for special practices, scrimmages, etc., Appointments can be booked directly against designated calendars eliminating the time required for Administrators to personally manage those logistics.

Squad Level Links – lastly, squad/team specific links can be published allowing Coaches to invite their players to register directly to a team thereby eliminating the time required by Administrators to Roster registered players onto a specific team.

Screenshot - Simplify Sports League Registration through Squad/Team level links
Squad/Team Level links Simplify Sports League Registration

We hope your organization can take advantage of these features to simplify Sports League Registration duties and reduce system administration time to focus on your truly strategic and important projects. Or maybe even spend a little more time with friends and family over the holidays.

Wishing you and your Squad(s) a very Happy Thanksgiving!