Transmission Impossible: Why Youth Sports are Leaving E-Mail Behind

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Members of the Orioles, the Little League team in Clinton Township, Mich., watch a baseball game from behind their home outfield in April. Credit: Brittany Greeson for The New York Times

The decline of participation in youth sports has been well-documented by various news outlets. The New York Times has published multiple articles on the various difficulties of organizing athletics, such as embezzlementhyper-specializationconcussions, and rising costs.

Another common problem with managing sports is the flood of relevant and irrelevant e-mails and text messages. Much time that should be spent on the field is spent searching through inboxes for contact information, registration forms, and important event times.

Youth softball and football coach Bruce Reed from Corte Madera, California told The Boston Globe that sports-management software has significantly helped kids enjoy playing sports.

The old way of managing youth sports teams involved “a lot of chaos, missed connections, a lot of long group e-mail threads, poor accountability,” he said. Software designed for sports management “removes those common downsides of coaching and parenting.”

SquadFusion is at the forefront of sport’s shift from unorganized group e-mails and text messages to a centralized and flexible platform that connects administrators, coaches, and parents when they want, how they want.